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For better or worse, tax laws and accounting rules have become so incredibly convoluted in the present age that the average citizen is unable to find his or her way through the labyrinth without a competent guide. This is the reason Sawin & Kotani exists; we are here to be your guide and show you how to plan to minimize your financial liabilities and ultimately save you as much money as possible. We’ll advise you on more than just taxes; we’ll help you plan for retirement, the transfer of your estate and all of the major financial decisions you need to make in between.

At Sawin & Kotani CPAs, we are not simply enrolled agents who are only trained to fill out tax returns, nor are we bookkeepers who know how to make QuickBooks entries but rarely understand their significance. We are Certified Public Accountants, experts in accounting theory and practice, tax laws and retirement and estate planning. We understand financial management and planning on a fundamental level and strive to remain current in the constantly evolving landscape. 

Common Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.

How much do I owe?

This is what everyone wants to know at the end of the year: what is my tax liability? With thousands of publications with tens of thousands of pages addressing the topic of how to determine this figure, the question is a daunting one to answer.

We make the process of filing your taxes as painless as possible. We’ll interview you, examine your books and scour the regulations to take advantage of the deductions and credits you’re eligible for. We ensure your returns are completed accurately and filed correctly and on time. Sawin & Kotani will not only determine what you owe, we’ll render your tax liability as small as feasible and answer some more intriguing questions concerning how much you can reduce what you owe in the future through careful planning.


Do I need a compilation, review or audit?

If you are having difficulty keeping your books organized or worried about mistakes that could expose you to financial liability, we can help. Whether you need to compile your records to present them to a bank for a loan or you need some coaching on Generally Accepted Accounting Practices and methods of organizing your finances, our accountants can review your records and sit down and discuss with you potential deficiencies and ways in which you can improve your bookkeeping methods.

Hiring an independent auditor now can sometimes prevent an IRS audit, or at least drastically reduce the possibility they will find any fault in your books. By performing an audit, we can also give management the assurance that your records actually do reflect the financial position of your company.


What is the benefit of a loan negotiation?

A loan officer’s responsibility is to look after the interests of the financial institution he represents, which can often be contrary to your interests. He’s going to offer you terms that favor the lender, but you don’t have to accept them. There may be several factors that you can use as leverage to reduce the interest rate, diminish other fees and provide more flexibility in the terms.

Sawin & Kotani can analyze your financial situation and help you determine the best strategy for negotiating better loan terms with your bank whether you are applying for a new business or personal loan or already have one that you would like to renegotiate. A small investment now in negotiating your loan can save you much more in interest and fees down the road.

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